Cheers Shiba
1 min readOct 20, 2022


A traditional royal collection exclusive on Cheers Club.

Cheers token:

First ever utility based decentralized and deflationary token will be cheers,which have own burn mechanism.


Total supply = 100M
NFT stacking = 25%
NFT +Cheers pool = 35%
APT+Cheers pool = 15%
Cheers stacking = 15%
Liquidity = 5%
Team = 2%
Marketing = 3%

Cheers store:🍻

Our community can join raffle auction and others events in cheers store by using our token.
Holder can upgrade and customize his NFT by using our token.

We will add affiliate features in our store. Affiliate businessman need to be looked a fixed amount of cheers token to start his business.

Burn and auto liquidity system:

In every transaction of cheers token there will be 1% fees,which 50% will be burned and rest 50% will be added to the liquidity.

In cheers store all used(raffle auction etc.) token will back in treasury. But there 3–10% token will separate according to event and 80% of it will be added to the liquidity.

NFT Burn Mechanism🔥:

Holder can burn his NFT and get 1111 cheers token anytime and there will 10% fees. These fees will use to burn NFT and cheers token



Cheers Shiba